Things that cannot be done with the ruler

Many women think that there are things that cannot be done with the period because of the clotting that occurs or simply because of having it, but what really happens that everything that “cannot be done” are myths, that is, Yes, they can be done, but to this day there are still people who think that the rule really is an impediment to certain things, but it is not real!

Myths of things that cannot be done with the rule

  • Keep sex. There are women who think that if they have sex during their period it will hurt more or simply that they should not do it. The reality is that if neither you nor your partner are very scrupulous, having sex with your period can be, in addition to being very pleasant, something very intimate.
  • Make garlic oil or mayonnaise. Surely you have ever heard that when there is a woman with her period near someone who makes garlic oil or mayonnaise -or if it is the same woman with her period who does it-, it will not work out because she will cut herself. The reality is that this has nothing to do with it, and if it is cut, it will be due to the skill of the person who is making the sauce or simply due to any other factor, but without having to do with the woman who has her period and is present.
  • Bathe. For a long time, it has been believed that a woman with her period could not bathe –at the beach, in the pool, or in her own home-, nor take a shower because the period would stop. This is not true, and what is needed is proper and daily hygiene.
  • Do exercise. There are women who use their period as an excuse not to exercise, but it can be done perfectly, you just have to go well equipped with your pads, tampons and some home remedy for menstrual pain.
  • As you can see, they are really myths, because if you think that there is something that cannot be done with the rule, you are wrong! You can have a totally normal life if you seek remedies for possible pain.

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