Is it normal for the belly to swell with the period?

When the menstruation date approaches, many women suffer from swelling in the belly and of course, that generates some complications. But is this something normal? Is it cause for concern? This menstrual bloating during your period is something very normal and it is known to be caused by menstruation because it is different from other types of bloating – such as those caused by poor digestion or stomach problems.

Swelling in the belly with the rule

  • For some women, changes in hormones can cause bloating, constipation, and even fluid retention. But in order not to worry, it is necessary to understand that some types of swelling or cramps just before and during the start of the period is totally normal. The body prepares to go through bloodshed when the egg has not been fertilized.
  • But if at some point you notice that you have too much swelling, that you suffer too much throughout the month or that everything has been getting worse and that you have constant pain, then you will have to go to your doctor and tell him what is wrong with you and how you feel to look for a good solution.
  • The symptoms of hormonal imbalances can be varied, in addition to having abdominal swelling, you can feel: pain in the belly, variations in the cycle, decreased libido, heavy periods, problems getting pregnant, skin spots, weight variations, etc.
  • Although it does not occur in all women, it is possible that you are one of those who feel that swelling in the belly before and during the period. If you want to relieve this swelling, the best thing you can do is follow a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to maintain a good balance in your body. You will also have to naturally eliminate unwanted hormones avoiding excessive stress.

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