Is it good to run when you have your period?

A few years ago it was believed that physical exercise could not be performed during menstruation. But it has been proven that there is no problem in exercising your body during the menstrual cycle, indeed, it is recommended, since when we run we produce endorphins that improve circulation and our mood, being able to reduce pain, fluid retention and fatigue.

Menstruation and physical exercise

  • Depending on each woman and her performance, it is convenient to take into account several issues.
  • The first of these is moderation. Excess is never good, so you have to exercise in a measured way, as long as the effort does not cause more discomfort than those experienced these days, and complementing it with an adequate nutritional intake to promote physical, psychological and social development.
  • The second is to remember that during the menstrual cycle, our body experiences different changes, such as the increase in temperature. It is advisable to eat foods rich in carbohydrates and drink water even if you are not thirsty.
  • Several studies have shown that menstrual disorders are more frequent in women who practice elite sports, due to the intensity and severe diets they carry out. This alters the production of hormones, delaying the period or even its disappearance.
  • Women have to live with the menstrual cycle from puberty to menopause, therefore, menstruation does not have to alter your daily life and interrupt your training.

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