You don’t get your period? Tips that help you lose

There are women who suffer when their period does not come down at the time they want, since they prefer their period to come earlier in order to take advantage of a planned date on which they do not want to have their period. Has it ever happened to you? Or maybe some time that your period hasn’t come you have been scared thinking that you were pregnant or that something was wrong with your body… but it was only a delay. Worry no more because magic is not needed to make your period go down, it is easier than you imagine to speed up the menstrual cycle but you will have to do some things to achieve it.

How to get the rule to go down sooner?

  1. Eat some foods. There are some fruits like mango, pineapple, or papaya that are popular for making your period come down sooner. Honey is also an ideal alternative to make your period come down sooner, you just have to dissolve a tablespoon of honey in warm water and drink it immediately to get good results.
  2. Birth control pills. Birth control pills are an ideal way to control your menstrual cycle. They will make your period lighter and also arrive earlier. These pills contain hormones that will help you regulate your periods.
  3. Less stress. Stress can also interfere with the timing of your period, so before trying any other method to lower your period sooner, you will have to work on some relaxation techniques to relieve stress. For example: take a hot water bath, do meditation, etc.
  4. Vitamin C. Having high levels of vitamin C in the body can also speed up your periods but it has inappropriate side effects such as kidney problems or severe diarrhea. You can take vitamin C with a lot of water to minimize the effects, but if you have any doubts about this, it is better to consult your doctor.
  5. sexual relations. Having sex increases blood flow in the vagina and will cause it to contract, so in post-sex relaxation you can cause the lining to shed. In addition, the hormones that are released during sex will soften the cervix and you can menstruate.

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