Yoga postures to calm menstrual pain that you can do at home

Yoga is a discipline that has become very fashionable in recent years, but why? The answer is very simple: for all the benefits it is capable of providing. It improves concentration, flexibility, balance, relieves stress, makes us sweat and burn calories and, above all, relieves pain and discomfort in many aspects and areas of the body and health. If you have back or neck pain, for example, this discipline will help you reduce it, just like menstrual pain.

Many women suffer period pains and decide to calm them down with anti-inflammatories without taking into account that yoga can be a natural and simple solution that can give us a hand without having to resort to drugs. Have you ever tried it? In this article we teach you how to perform (step by step) 6 very effective yoga postures to relieve menstrual cramps. The best of all? They are very easy and you can do them at home at any time! Don’t let period pain embitter your existence!

6 yoga poses that will relieve your period pain instantly

  1. Child’s pose

Also known as Balasana. This is a well-known posture in yoga that will help you relax and stretch your lower back, and it is named for the fetal position that must be adopted when performing it. To do this, you must sit on your knees on your feet and stretch your body and your hands forward. Thus, it will help you relax your back. You can also switch your hands to the sides of your body. Take relaxed breaths in that position.

  1. Butterfly pose

It is another of the best known in yoga and is perfect for relieving menstrual pain, as it will favor the opening of the hips. To do this, sit down and bring the soles of your feet together. Stay there for a few seconds, controlling your breathing. If you want to complicate it a little more, you just have to bring your heels closer to your body or lean your trunk forward as much as you can (without forcing yourself).

  1. Reclining Goddess Pose

To perform this pose, you will first need to sit with your feet in a butterfly style. That is, soles of the feet facing each other. Then, place a cushion or something with a little height behind you and let yourself fall little by little. Finally, stretch your arms out to the sides and arch your back. With it, you will be able to relieve back pain, cramps and pressure in the pelvic area. In addition to getting a deeper breath thanks to the chest opening.

  1. Shiva Twist

With this posture you will get great relief in the lower back. How to do it? First, lie down on the mat, tuck your right leg in and turn it to the left until your knee touches the ground. It is not necessary for the back to remain completely glued to the ground, you can turn a little to achieve this, but what is important is that you feel the lower back stretch. Then do the same with the other leg.

  1. The camel

Get on your knees on the mat, with your body straight and place both hands on your lower back. Lean back slightly, arching your trunk, then place both hands on your ankles, keeping them straight. Hold the position for a few seconds keeping your breathing controlled. You will thus be able to stretch the abdomen, chest and the entire front part of the body, as well as strengthen the muscles of the back.

  1. Inverted posture

It is possible that, without knowing that it is a yoga posture, you have performed this exercise more than once. When our legs are tired or we are dizzy, it is the first thing that is recommended to us: put your feet up. And that is what this posture also known as Viparita Karani consists of. Near a wall, put your feet up, trying to get as close as possible to it. The closer your buttocks are to the wall, the less stiffness you’ll notice in your back and lower back, and the more relaxed your legs will be. And goodbye menstrual pain

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