Why do we cry so easily when we have our period?

During menstruation, and the days before it, it is common to be more susceptible than normal, if it only remains that way, there is nothing to worry about. Three out of four women suffer from symptoms such as susceptibility, irritability, muscle pain and tiredness during menstruation. If you go from being susceptible to being depressed and irritable, you should visit your doctor, because it may be a premenstrual dysphoric disorder, also called an extreme variant of premenstrual syndrome. And although you are not aware of it, of this radical change, your entire environment is.

Irritability during menstruation

  • This change in mood and ease in crying, since we are more sensitive, is due to the lack of stimulation of the brain neurotransmitter serotenin, which is responsible for improving mood and reducing anxiety. Specialists advise that during the days prior to the period it be stimulated by eating sweets at dinner, nuts and fresh fruit.
  • Food is something basic normally and much more during these days. It is highly recommended to eat fruit, raw vegetables and foods high in vitamin E, which reduces depression and insomnia. The latter is important, because during the days that we have menstruation the feeling of tiredness is greater, so we have to sleep well and rest for the necessary hours. In addition, we have to reduce the level of stress to a minimum. On the other hand, nutritionists advise not to abuse proteins that come from fish, poultry and legumes.
  • To treat this irritability, we can also do alternative therapies. Many specialists recommend phytotherapy, which consists of the use of plants. It is very good, especially for physical subjects. The use of Evening Primrose and Vitex agnus castus are ideal for mild symptoms. Although on many occasions you have to resort to birth control pills or antidepressants.

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