When to go to the doctor if your period doesn’t come down?

When you have always had a normal regular period, with more or less clots but without anything strange and suddenly it stops going down or does not appear, it is normal for you to worry. The first thing you may think is that you may be pregnant, but if you have not had sexual intercourse or the pregnancy test is negative, why is this amenorrhea? When should you go to the doctor if your period doesn’t come down?

The time to go to the gynecologist if you do not have your period

  • The absence of period or amenorrhea is given when a young woman has reached 16 years and has not yet had her first menstruation, or when a woman had regular periods but suddenly lose three or more cycles in a row.
  • There are many reasons why there can be absent cycles, such as pregnancy, lifestyle, body weight, natural causes, high-demand exercise levels, stress or anxiety, health problems, etc. In some cases, hormonal imbalances or physical defects of the reproductive organs may be the cause.
  • It is important to always consult the doctor when the period does not appear because there may be an underlying cause for the lack of periods and it may require treatment to solve the problem. If you have missed your period once and then it has gone down, don’t worry because it is not usually a symptom of problems, you may be stressed or some emotional problem is affecting you. But if a girl has not yet started her period at 16, she should go to the doctor, but if she is over 14 and has not had any sign of puberty, she should also go. And if you are a woman who does not get your period down, you should see your doctor if you have missed 3 or more periods in a row.

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