What to do if you get your period in public

It is possible that the first thing you think of in a situation like this where the period lowers you in a public place is something like: ‘Earth, swallow me’. But you shouldn’t feel ashamed at all because the period is something natural and if no woman on the planet had her period, there would simply be no life in this world. You just have to take into account some action guidelines to avoid at least having a very bad time.

Guidelines for action when your period drops in public

  • Always prevent. Although on many occasions the period is unpredictable and can appear when you least expect it, the ideal is to always put a panty liner in your panties from a couple of days before you think your period is going to come down. In this way, instead of staining the panties, you will stain the panty liner and you will be able to change calmly.
  • Always carry compresses in your bag. It is important that you have as a rule -forever- carry a rule kit in your bag. To do this, you should always have some pads and tampons in a small toiletry bag in case it comes down when you least expect it.
  • Stained clothes When your period comes down, it is not usual for the first stain to be very large, but if you have stained your clothes and you cannot hide it, you will have to do whatever it takes to change your clothes and not feel uncomfortable. You can go home and change or if you are far away, go to a clothing store and buy some pants and panties.
  • Don’t lose your nerve. Something very important that you should keep in mind is that you should not lose your temper in a situation like this, keep calm and look for the most coherent solution depending on the context in which you find yourself. In this way, you can find a solution without losing elegance.
  • Learn from the situation. If you have been embarrassed or did not have change in your bag to be able to change or put on a compress, then you must learn for the next occasion and that it does not happen again. Prevention is the best cure for everything!

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