What physical changes does a woman’s body undergo in the menstrual cycle?

Do you notice changes in your physique during your menstruation? It is very normal that those days of the month your body undergoes some changes and you see them reflected in the mirror, even if others tell you otherwise. Only you know if during this period of time you look different.

Physical changes during the menstrual cycle

  • One of the changes that can appear in our body is more sensitive skin. In the first week of the menstrual cycle, the skin is more irritated and delicate, due to low hormone levels, especially in your intimate area or in the armpits. The lips are also another of the parts that are affected. They feel drier due to the reduction of moisture in the body.
  • However, fluid retention is one of the symptoms that all women experience in their bodies every month. You feel slightly ‘heavier’, above all, the lower abdomen area is the one that suffers the most from this consequence during premenstrual syndrome. For this, it is important to eat a healthy diet, rich in water and other foods to expel those unwanted liquids.
  • With the drop in estrogen levels, hair is also damaged. Duller and lifeless. Likewise, the scalp becomes more sensitive as the days before the arrival of the period progress. Finally, the nails feel more brittle during the period. Therefore, it is important that you consume foods rich in iron.

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