What men don’t understand about menstruation

Menstruation is a subject that is sometimes difficult to understand. If it is already complicated for women, it is much more complicated for men, since they do not live it in their own body, just as it happens to women with issues of the male body. Biologically men and women are very different and we cannot understand the same thing being so different. For this reason, women have to try to make it a little easier for men regarding this issue and explain to them those little things that they do not understand. And men have to ask everything they don’t understand, menstruation is not a taboo subject.

What is it that men do not understand about the rule?

  • It is very complex for many men to understand what happens to women when they have their period. Pain, mood swings and changes in hormone levels are just some of the issues that seem impossible for some men. For this reason, the girls have to facilitate his work. To begin with, the pain is also called dysmenorrhea and there are two types: primary and secondary. Such strong pain is produced by the process itself, we must remember that in each menstrual cycle we lose an egg. Mood swings are explained by the increase and decrease in the level of progesterone and estrogen both hormones. They are responsible for the mood swings of women during the period. Men have to try to understand that mood swings are caused by a biological imbalance, women have no power over this.
  • The irritability of women in the days of pre-menstruation is another of the things that men find difficult to understand. But they are aware that if the woman is more irritable, it is probably because she is going to start her period, hence the famous question “will your period come?” That bothers some girls so much. During these days the most advisable thing for a man is that he does not get angry for this reason, since in a way it is justified. Although it is true that the woman cannot control herself 100% on these occasions, she must be calm and calm, since her environment is not to blame for anything.
  • One more thing that men of menstruation do not understand is the use of tampons, the different sizes and types of these. And, sometimes, how it is used. For this reason, in the summer of 2013 Támpax launched an advertising campaign where it explained very explicitly, thanks to the actress Amaia Salamanca, how these products were so useful for women.

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