What does slimy menstruation mean?

There are women who, when their period comes down at certain times of their period, notice how not only the clots are different, but also it seems that they have a somewhat viscous menstruation. If it happens to you too, and when you notice viscosity in your menstruation you get a little alarmed, keep reading because this information interests you.

What does slimy menstruation mean?

  1. When there is a viscous menstruation you should not be alarmed because they are only changes in the cervical mucus. Menstrual blood or menses is the blood that flows during a woman’s periods. A woman with her period knows what color her period can be each month, the consistency and even the amount.
  2. The blood in menstruation can have a normal viscosity, like the blood from a bleeding finger, it could be watery and thin and it can even be more fibrous or viscous and in all cases, if the woman does not notice any other physical symptoms, all it will be normal. Therefore, if you have viscous menstruation, you should not be more alarmed than necessary because it does not have to be a physical problem, far from it.
  3. On the other hand, if you start to notice changes in your period and suddenly the clots that you are used to start to be different, you notice a strange or very strong smell and even if you feel some pain different from the normal period, then it will be you need to go to your doctor. In this way you will be able to know that everything is fine or to find out what may be causing these changes in your period. But remember that if your rule has always been viscous it wouldn’t have to mean anything.

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