Tricks to make your rule or menstruation last less

Do you have a trip, a date or a big event in the next three days and you don’t want your period to bother you? We give you some tricks to make your period last less and to be able to continue with your day to day without any kind of setback. And it is that achieving menstruation that meets your needs is possible if you follow these simple recommendations.

You should know that there are many ancient beliefs around the rule. Many of the remedies are not effective, as modern gynecology uses other safe and effective tools. These beliefs do not cause harm and can continue to be used, however, it is recommended that you go to your gynecologist if your period is abundant and long, as he will be the best person to help you.

We also remind you that the information in this article is in no way a substitute for professional medical recommendations. If you seek medical advice, go to consult your doubts with the most appropriate specialist.

How many days does menstruation usually last?

Before knowing how to make your rule last less, or shorten it in time, it is necessary to know how many days’ menstruation or period usually lasts. For this, we must know the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is the period of time from the first day of menstruation to the first day of the next period. As a general rule, regular menstrual cycles last between 21 and 35 days. What is considered a rule or menstrual period as such is bleeding that lasts, on average, from 2 to 7 days depending on each woman.

How to make your rule last less time?

  • The arrival of the period each month comes with joy in some cases because they are not pregnant, but also in certain women with typical discomforts of the menstrual cycle such as migraines, chest swelling, tired legs, pain in the lower abdomen… That’s not to mention how tedious premenstrual syndrome is often! And all without counting how “unhygienic” it can be, especially if you are caught out of the house without your period kit at hand.
  • If your period comes together with an event such as a wedding, celebration or important appointment, everything makes you see it blacker, right? Do not panic! In this article we want to give you good news: we have discovered several ways to make your period or menstruation last less and, therefore, less annoying and you can continue with your normal life.
  • The following remedies to make periods last less are not 100% effective, in fact, they have no scientific basis, but many women have already told us that they work, so maybe they could be of help to you too! nothing is lost by trying! In addition, since these are natural home remedies, you will not harm your health at all, quite the opposite!

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

We will not get tired of repeating that the benefits that daily consumption of at least 4 pieces of fruit and vegetables have for our body are infinite: it allows us to control our weight, improves the condition of our skin, prevents diseases such as cancer… But did you know that the intake of fruits and vegetables can help your period last less time, in addition to reducing some of its symptoms? Although there is no scientific evidence, what is proven is that increased consumption of vegetables and a variety of fruits during the menstrual cycle decreases oxidative stress on these days. So, don’t stop nourishing yourself well!

Perform a gentle massage in the lower part of the stomach

Performing a massage also has no scientific evidence on reducing menstrual flow. But there is evidence in terms of relieving menstrual cramps. A gentle massage in the lower part of the abdomen will allow the flow to slide faster through your body and, therefore, speed up and advance the entire menstruation process. You can perform the massage with aromatic oils (such as linalool, eucalyptol or carioflinene) to increase its effectiveness.

Have intimate relationships

  1. Having sex when you are on your period is not one of the best plans a priori, although it is also true that many women think that it is very pleasant. The fact is that maintaining relationships with your period can help you not only to shorten your bleeding days, but also to enjoy the moment more. Have you already changed your mind and the next time your boy approaches you and you are menstruating, are you going to think about it?
  2. Scientifically we know that up to 30% of women may wish to have intercourse during their period, and this can have advantages and disadvantages. Regarding the advantages, we found that it decreases pelvic congestion and can improve mild or moderate menstrual pain. In addition, physiologically it is impossible to get pregnant. As for the disadvantages, there is an increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease and intercourse can decrease your sensitivity.

The rule and the trick of lemon slices 

  • In this case there is no scientific conclusion about it either, it is more of a grandmother’s remedy that has been passed down from generation to generation, but it works for many girls. She cuts a lemon into slices and, throughout the day, she sucks on it as many times as she feels like. In this way, what you will do is reduce the days that the period lasts.
  • Scientific evidence on some citrus fruits in the form of salves or drinkable solutions has found that they increase prostaglandin-mediated contraction of the uterine muscle, and that they have anti-inflammatory power. Therefore, it has a beneficial effect on menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding.

Contraceptive use

If you take the pill as a contraceptive method, you will have noticed that, in addition to being more regular, the amount of blood you expel is less and the bleeding time decreases considerably. It is, therefore, another method to ensure that the period does not last so many days.

In this sense, you can consult your gynecologist to assess programming your period effectively with variations in taking contraceptives or progestogens. There have also been contraceptives for several years that allow bleeding 2 or 3 times a year without a negative effect on reproductive health. All these recommendations should go hand in hand with your doctor, as he will be able to better assess the safety of these practices than you can yourself.

How to make your period end faster: shorten menstruation?

Is it possible to make the period end early? One hundred percent effective no, but very likely yes. Here you have other simple remedies that will favor the reduction of the days that your period lasts, and not only that, but they will also help you to be in shape and in a better mood.

Exercise regularly

Cardiovascular exercise routine promotes health, helps to stay in shape, to follow a healthy lifestyle and also has some influence on menstruation. It favors its descent, that it hurts less and that the bleeding does not last so many days. They are all advantages!

Infusions and herbal remedies

Some herbal remedies help to alleviate the typical discomfort of menstruation, as well as to make it not so long. We are talking specifically about fennel, it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. From ginger, which relieves heavy bleeding. From myrtle syrup, which reduces pain and cramps. And from the raspberry leaf, with muscle relaxant properties. You just have to consume them in the form of an infusion to start noticing their effects.

Traditional medicines have contributed to women’s health care and the treatment of gynecological diseases. However, basic research on these drugs is not sufficient and the actual mechanisms, effects and interactions are unknown. Natural products have real effects not calculated. For example, ginger is as effective as ibuprofen in improving menstrual pain, which means that it has an enormous power of interaction with our body, just like a medicine.


To reduce period pain, many women resort to ibuprofen and thus can make these discomforts more bearable, although they should never be normalized and, if they are very painful, it is recommended to see a gynecologist. If you take a pill three or four times a day (without exceeding the maximum dose in a 24-hour period) you will also make your menstruation last less.

Drink enough water a day

Although it does not shorten your period, but it does help to make it lighter, we recommend that you drink a lot of water, or as much as is necessary according to your lifestyle. And the same thing happens with vinegar, it doesn’t stop it completely, but it makes it more liquid and fluid.

Maintain a healthy weight

If we combine the advice to include seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet, to exercise regularly and we add the recommendation to drink plenty of water, it will be very easy to maintain a healthy weight.

And it is that it is proven that weight gains and losses can affect hormones, and from there to changes in menstruation there is only one step. Follow a healthy lifestyle that helps you be at your ideal weight and you will see how your periods stop bothering you. It is not that it is a short-term solution to shorten your periods, but it will be very useful for you in the near future.

In conclusion, is it possible to get the period to end early? Not one hundred percent effective with home methods, but your gynecologist most likely can help you.

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