Tips to calculate when the rule goes down

Today there are many automatic ways to calculate when your period goes down -with more or less clots-, you only have to look for calculators on web pages or download an app to your mobile that helps you not only calculate when your period goes down, but also to know when your fertile days will be. But the good thing is that you can also find out by calculating it yourself, do you want to know how to do it?

5 steps to calculate when your period comes down

  • Write down the first day your period comes down this month. You will only have to take the calendar and write down the first day that you stained your panties this month when your period came down. If you have not lowered this month yet, you can calculate it with last month.
  • Write down the PMS syndromes Pre Menstrual Syndrome. You should write down the pain you suffered –back pain, belly pain, nausea, etc.-, when, what you noticed, the days that your period came down, what your flow was like, if it was very abundant, etc.
  • Write down the first day of the next period. Once you have written down all of the above, you must wait for the next rule to download and also write down the first day. This way you will know the time that has passed between one rule and another.
  • Count the days. This step is as easy as counting the days that have passed between one rule and another. You should count the first day of your period until the day before your next menstrual period came down.
  • Predict your next rule. Now that you know how long your menstrual cycle is, more or less, do this for several months. So you can make an average of the days it takes to get your period down. To find out, you will only have to count the days, for example, if your period is 28 days, you will have to count the 28 days from the first day of the last period and thus you will know when it should come.

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