Tampons or pads: find out what suits you best

Women necessarily have to choose between using pads or tampons on the days we have menstruation. Gone are the towels and washcloths of our mothers and grandmothers, now we can count on these useful elements once a month. Deciding to use a pad or tampon depends exclusively on our well-being and comfort when wearing them.


The compresses absorb the period once it has already left the body, they are elongated and are placed on the underwear using adhesive strips. There are several types, their size and thickness depend on the moment of the menstrual phase in which we are, if we bleed a lot or, on the contrary, the amount decreases. There is a type that are the ‘ pantyliners ‘, some very thin compresses that are used only when we are finishing our period and we practically do not bleed at all. It is convenient to change them every 4 hours so that the skin is not irritated and so that bad odors are not produced.


Tampons, unlike pads, are inserted into the body and that is where they absorb our menstruation. Many women consider them more comfortable and hygienic since they are not in continuous contact with the outside of the vagina and they do not give off an odor, once inside you forget that you are using them. However, you have to be careful with that since it is not convenient to be with them for more than 8 hours. Like compresses, there are different types and sizes, specific for each woman and each moment.

Alternative: Menstrual cup

There is an alternative to pads and tampons, very useful if we also want to save money and protect the environment: the menstrual cup or vaginal cup. It is an oval container that is inserted into the vagina on the days that we are menstruating. It does not absorb the flow but retains it until we empty it. Unlike the other systems, we can have it inside our body for up to 12 hours without it posing a health problem. If treated with due care they can last for years as they are reusable.

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