Sadness and melancholy as symptoms of menstruation

Menstruation causes continuous changes in a woman’s body. These are physical and mental. All of them will depend on the moment of the cycle in which the woman is, since the same symptoms do not occur in ovulation as in post-ovulation. The latter refers to the stage that includes the days that precede the rule. During these it is common for women to have Premenstrual Syndrome that includes a series of symptoms of a very different nature. Typically, the woman feels abdominal pain, which sometimes becomes dysmenorrhea and a feeling of sadness and inexplicable melancholy.

Melancholy linked to menstruation

  • Women are not usually aware of the psychological symptoms, but of the physical ones, since general fatigue, muscle pain and abdominal pain, among many others, are notable. The opposite happens with psychics. Usually, the person who realizes that a woman is close to the days of menstruation is the person who spends the most time with her. The easy tear and sadness for no reason are two of the determining factors.
  • These considerable changes have to do with hormonal imbalances. Progesterone, estrogen and other female hormones are the cause of these emotional ups and downs in women. It is something difficult for men to understand, but they have to try, because it is something that cannot be controlled.

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