Natural remedies so that the rule does not hurt

All women who are of childbearing age have their period once a month and it usually lasts between 3 and 7 days, a few days that although there are women who do not have pain and it is as if they had nothing, there are other women whose period can be a real torture because it hurts a lot. The pain of the rule can vary between some women and others as well as the intensity. Painful menstruation is known as dysmenorrhea which means “difficult menstruation”.

Natural remedies so that the rule does not hurt

In some women the pain can start days before and usually lasts the first 48 hours once menstruation begins, but there are also women that can last up to 72 hours and in others the pain is intermittent and lasts for more days. If you are one of the women who suffers from these menstrual pains, you are not alone. It is not necessary that you take medication to be better, do not lose detail of the natural remedies to feel better.

  • Avoid refined carbohydrates. Stick to whole grains like oatmeal or rice.
  • Eliminate sugary foods or processed sugar. Choose limited amounts of honey, it is better to choose Stevia as a sweetener whenever possible.
  • Use a hot water bottle to put on the places that hurt the most in order to soothe possible swelling and discomfort.
  • Avoid red meat and caffeine because they have properties that increase the sensation of pain.
  • Apply lavender oil on your abdomen and massage the area. In minutes you will begin to notice improvement and it will not hurt as much.
  • Physical exercise will make you feel better and menstruation will not be a problem.

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