Myths about PMS

Premenstrual syndrome is a syndrome that many women experience days before their period is due, exactly when they are ovulating. And it is that the interior of a woman’s body is a whirlwind of hormones to prepare an ovule every month and that it is ready to be fertilized. But when she doesn’t fertilize it falls and becomes menstruation. This is the short explanation and it is easy to understand, but there are some myths about PMS that it is worth knowing to really know what is happening.

Myths about PMS

  • PMS is a myth. There are men – who do not know what their period is – and some women who live their period without knowing what it really is to suffer from pain who dare to say that premenstrual syndrome is a myth. They may also try to make you believe that there are studies that prove it and they will try to make you believe that it is something more cultural than physical. It is not only physical; it is also emotional.
  • Mood swings are not real. Mood swings when you have PMS are just as real as when you have your period. The torrent of hormones coursing through a woman’s body can be quite overwhelming at this stage of the menstrual cycle and mood swings are certainly a big reality.
  • The rule doesn’t hurt before it comes down. Great myth. A woman’s period can hurt while she is ovulating exactly the same as when she has her period, perhaps with less intensity. But during premenstrual syndrome, the period also hurts even if it hasn’t arrived.
  • All women suffer from the syndrome. No, this is not true, it is not 100% of women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome, only 73.6% of them according to experts. Just as there are lucky women who do not suffer menstrual pain, there are also lucky women who do not know what premenstrual syndrome is.
  • Premenstrual syndrome makes you hungrier. You may feel anxious, nervous, or emotionally unstable, but you’re not hungry anymore. Maybe you eat to calm anxiety, but not because you are more real hungry.

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