Menstruation: what alterations can arise in the rule

There are many women who suffer unwanted alterations because of the period. These hormonal imbalances can manifest through heavy or scant bleeding or even an unexpected delay or early menstruation. All these alterations can be grouped into: on the one hand, those that cause disorders in the intervals between periods-frequency or rhythm alterations and on the other hand, those that involve alterations in the intensity of the menstrual flow.

Disorders that can occur in the rule

Some of the imbalances that can occur in the rule are excessive bleeding, also called hypermenorrhea.  It usually occurs when blood clots appear during the period. Menorrhagia, on the other hand, are also bleeding

  • Prolonged bleeding (menorrhagia). The rule usually lasts more than eight days.
  • Irregular bleeding (metrorrhagia). Along with the usual bleeding, intermenstrual bleeding (outside the menstrual cycle) usually appears, which can last between six and ten days.
  • Painful bleeding (dysmenorrhea). It is suffered by those women who suffer from severe pain and cramps the days before and during the period.
  • It is common in women who begin to notice the first symptoms of menopause. The intensity of the bleeding is brief, just a couple of days or just a spot.

Alterations in the frequency of the rule

  • Absence of the rule (amenorrhea). Menstruation does not appear for a while.
  • Reduced menstrual cycle (polymenorrhea). This means that the period arrives before 28 days, that is, it is brought forward.
  • Prolonged menstrual cycle (oligomenorrhea). Women’s period is normal, but the intervals are more than 45 days.

Many of these menstrual disorders can be caused by nervous and stressful situations, psychological disorders or a poor diet, although there are also other aspects that can cause some of these disorders such as thyroid, kidney problems or diabetes. Remember to carry out annual reviews with the specialist, do not abandon the problem and put a stop to it as soon as possible to prevent something more complicated from developing.

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