Menstruation: the delays of the rule

If you are a woman whose period is regularly late, you will be used to it because you will have irregular menstruation cycles, but if, on the other hand, your periods tend to be more or less regular and from time to time it is delayed and you do not know why, then yes, you are likely to worry. If you do not want to have a baby, it is possible that your period is delayed for other reasons. I will talk about the most common causes below.

Weight loss or excessive exercise

  • If your BMI (Body Mass Index) is below 19 or 18, it is more than likely that you will start to lose periods. Sometimes it is due to other more serious conditions such as anorexia or bulimia, but instead of delaying the period, what it does is create absences from it.
  • Excessive exercise like training more than usual for a marathon or other important event can also cause you to fall behind, because the body is wise and what it is doing is protecting itself from pregnancy under these extreme stress conditions. For this reason, the body prevents ovulation.


If you are going through a period of great stress and anxiety such as a breakup, the death of a family or any other event that is affecting you emotionally, it is possible that your period may also be delayed for this reason.


The thyroid gland is located in the neck and is responsible for regulating metabolism, it also interacts with other body systems so that everything works well. But if you are having any type of thyroid imbalance, it can have consequences on your menstruation. You will need to see your doctor immediately.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

It is a hormonal imbalance that reduces ovulation as estrogen levels are altered, as well as progesterone and testosterone levels. This can cause the period to be delayed and even to be missed completely. You will have to see your doctor to be able to treat it correctly.


Even if you are not expecting a baby, if you have had unprotected sex there is always the possibility that you have become pregnant. If you do not want to get pregnant, always take precautions in sex.

Hormonal contraceptives

If you take or use hormonal contraceptives and have stopped using them, it is likely that your period will be difficult to resume, but it will resume without problems in a few months.

Premature menopause

There are women who, being less than 40 years old, have premature menopause, also known as premature ovarian failure. Along with the lack of menstruation, other symptoms are also included, such as; night sweats, hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

I hope that I have resolved your doubts regarding the menstrual delay, but if you have more concerns, do not hesitate to see your doctor.

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