Menstruation on the beach and in the pool: dive without fear

Summer has arrived and with it the beach and pool season. It’s time to relax in the sun and clear your mind.

But among women, there is always a certain fear that our beloved menstruation will appear during the days of water.

The allies of the rule in the water

  • It is obviously not a fun or comfortable situation, but it is something that belongs to us from puberty to menopause and does not have to be a serious problem for us.
  • If menstruation arrives, and you are on the beach or in the pool, the tampon will undoubtedly be your confidant.
  • The tampon allows you to immerse yourself in the water without any risk of accidents, since it does not let the flow out. It is easy to place and replace, always before the 6 hours have passed. It provides great comfort for any exercise.
  • The menstrual cup is an innovation in menstruation. It is a container in which the menstrual flow is emptied, accumulating to later discard the content, wash it and use it again. Replacement time is twice that of tampons, but varies depending on how much flow you usually get.

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