Menstruation: how to regulate the rule

Having an irregular period, in addition to being tedious, can cause you unnecessary worries, so if you have a regular period, in addition to being able to control your life better, you will be able to calculate your fertile days with greater accuracy. Almost no one has a menstrual cycle that lasts exactly 28 days and it is normal for them to range between 21 and 35 days, being regular in a woman when the days are always the same.

Why do you have irregular periods?

  • Hormonal changes usually cause a significant interruption of the rule and if it suddenly disappears or starts to be very irregular, you have to pay attention. A healthy period is the result of a healthy state of mind and body. But what is an irregular period? They are usually irregular periods when the time between periods begins to change, when you produce more or less blood than usual or the day your period lasts varies from one menstruation to another.
  • There are many women who want to control their period and have regular periods, especially when they want to have children in the future. Irregular periods can be caused by many different things, such as changes in the level of hormones, estrogen and progesterone.
  • For this reason, young girls going through puberty and women nearing menopause have irregular periods. Other causes of having irregular periods can be due to: having an IUD, changing birth control pills, changing medications, excessive exercise, polycystic ovary disease, pregnancy or lactation, stress, thyroid, etc.

How to learn to regulate the period 

As a general rule, no treatment or natural ways are needed to regulate irregular periods caused by puberty or menopause, nor during lactation.

Some ways to regulate the period may include:

  • Treat the disease that causes it
  • Change birth control pills
  • Improve diet and eat healthy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Do yoga
  • Doing moderate exercise
  • Meditation or relaxation
  • Manage stress levels

If you feel very worried because your period is not regulated, go to your doctor to guide you and help you achieve it.

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