Menstrual delay: why don’t I get my period?

‘I don’t get my period, help! I’m pregnant!’ Don’t worry, don’t panic, although it is true that it is inevitable not to think about something else, we have to know that there are other reasons why the period can be delayed.

The menstrual cycle lasts 28 days although it can range between 25 and 32, after which it is when it would be considered delayed.

Reasons for menstrual delay

Stress: Stress and any alteration of the nervous system (depression, change of life) affects our entire body, including hormones, which can cause irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

  • Eating disorders: Just as eating properly helps regulate the period, a poor diet is also responsible for delaying menstruation. The extreme case occurs in women who suffer from anorexia, since in most cases menstruation is directly suppressed, giving rise to what is called amenorrhea.
  • Self-medicate: Taking medication on our own is never a good option, so in this case it will not be an exception. In addition, even when we have a prescription, it is always advisable to read the package insert and pay attention to contraindications.
  • Diseases: Endocrine disorders, such as those of the thyroid, play a very important role in the regulation of hormones, causing in many cases menstrual delays and even their absence.
  • Age: Inevitably, when we approach an age close to 50 years or so, menstruation disappears. A woman is considered to have entered menopause when she has gone more than 12 months without having her period.

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