How to regulate the rule: pill and diet against irregular menstruation?

There are many reasons why women can get their period irregularly. Diseases, stress, age are some of them. The most effective and fastest way to regulate the menstrual cycle is to take birth control pills.

Anticonceptive pill

  • These pills are for daily administration. Its main function is to prevent us from getting pregnant, however, it is not the only one. They contain hormones that regulate our body causing proper functioning of our ovaries.
  • Methods similar to pills to regulate our menstruation are patches and the vaginal ring, which work in the same way on our menstrual cycle, only changing the way we take hormones.

Natural remedies to regulate menstruation

  1. If we prefer to opt for the natural, there are many other options that will help us to complete our cycle on the days that correspond, without the need to take chemical products. Food is the easiest way.
  2. Sage infusions: This plant prepares the female body for hormonal changes. In addition to infusion, it is also recommended to rub the gut with oil from this plant.
  3. Foods rich in iron: Suffering from anemia can also be one of the causes why our period does not work correctly, therefore, eating beets, legumes and meats helps our iron levels rise.
  4. Fats: Many times when we diet, we eliminate all types of fat from our diet. This causes many women to lose control of their periods, even making them disappear. You have to know how to distinguish between bad and good fats, not failing to include olive oil, nuts and blue fish in our diet, among others.

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