How to reduce the lack of concentration typical of the rule?

We talk about lack of concentration when we are not able to pay enough attention to the task we are doing, we are constantly distracted and we immediately get tired of what we are doing.

The Premenstrual Syndrome brings with it that women have a lack of concentration, and even memory, the days before menstruation.

Although it seems inevitable to suffer from it on those very important days, there are several formulas that we can carry out to reduce it.

Lifestyle habits to reduce the lack of premenstrual concentration

  • Sleep 8 hours a day at least. Being tired and not resting well affects our mind, preventing us from having the power to concentrate and pay attention. In addition to sleeping the necessary time, it is also essential that our sleep be of quality.
  • When we are carrying out an activity that requires our attention, we must remove everything that can distract us, such as turning off the television, picking up the phone and being in a quiet environment.
  • Follow a proper diet, including fish, rich in Omega 3; milk, fruit, pasta and chicken among others. We can ingest an independent vitamin supplement to cover its lack, having previously consulted with our doctor.
  • Meditating will help us slow down our heart rate and reduce our anxiety levels. In addition to being able to concentrate during meditation, we will make it easier for us to do it throughout the day.
  • Do physical exercise. Other symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome are depression and anxiety. These make us lose the ability to concentrate, which is why practicing some physical activity that controls depression will help us to increase our attention span. In addition, exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which is the one that controls our mind.

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