How to get the rule to go down?

Some women prefer to make their period appear faster so that they can take advantage of an event without having to suffer the pain or discomfort of the period. However, it may not be easy to speed up the menstrual cycle, although with proper preparation through some natural methods you can try to make your period come sooner than expected. Although it is complicated, it is not impossible.

How to get your period down sooner?

  • Birth control pills. If you are on the pill you can easily manipulate when you will have your period and when you won’t. If you want your period to appear earlier, you will only have to change your placebo pills of the day. On the other hand, if what you want is to skip your period, you will have to go directly to the hormonal pills instead of taking the placebos in the week that you are supposed to have your period.
  • Have sex During the sexual act, the stimulation of the vagina causes blood flow in the correct direction in order to stimulate the period. After intercourse, the vagina relaxes, which triggers the shedding of the uterine lining so you could get your period sooner.
  • Reduce stress. It is easier said than done, but surely you know that stress can cause your period to be delayed, so it makes sense to reduce it in order to have your normal menstrual cycle and that your emotional health is not affected. If you can solve the stress in your life, you will realize how your period could even appear earlier than expected. Doing yoga or meditation, taking warm baths, or taking deep breaths can help you feel better.
  • Do exercise. The endorphins that are released while you exercise can help relieve stress and low estrogen levels as well, this will help your period come sooner. Although you should avoid exercising excessively because then you could get the opposite effect as it produces stress.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Women who have too many fat cells in their bodies often have too much estrogen in their bodies. On the other hand, thin women may not have enough estrogen levels to get their period. Having too much estrogen and having too little can cause hormones to function abnormally and cause menstrual irregularities.

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