How to avoid gases in the rule?

When you have your period, women can suffer great swelling in the belly because of the same menstruation of some gases that are created. Gas can be very annoying, and sometimes even painful. Having excessive gas and also the annoying bloating that will make you look worse, can ruin a great day. Luckily, there are some remedies that can help you reduce these gases during your period.

Tips to avoid gas during your period

  1. Eat slowly. One because that usually occurs when you have gas is because you swallow air while eating. Perhaps due to anxiety or gluttony, but the air causes annoying gas and swells the belly. You should take your time to eat calmly and drink in a leisurely, slow and controlled way. This will prevent too much air from entering your stomach.
  2. Don’t eat candy and avoid chewing gum. Although it may seem silly, when you chew the gum you will be swallowing air and having excess air in your stomach. In addition, you will also be loading your jaw making it an added problem. The same thing happens with candies. Sucking on candies with or without a stick can also cause annoying periodic gas.
  3. Avoid gas in drinks. If you already have a period that causes you to have gas, the last thing you need is to put added gas into your stomach. For this reason, you will have to banish all carbonated drinks both in your meals and between meals. If you are thirsty, you should know that the only thing that calms you down is water.
  4. Choose foods wisely. If during your period you are prone to gas, on the days that it lasts you will have to avoid foods that can cause flatulence, such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc.
  5. Get massages. Just as babies get belly massages to release gas, you can do exactly the same with your belly. You will have to do a massage, making circular movements as if you were following the sense of the needles of a clock. In this way you will help the gases to leave your belly and stop bothering you.

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