How long does menstruation last with the IUD in place depending on the type

At present there are different contraceptive methods that can be used as a barrier to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. One of the most effective is the intrauterine device, or also known as an IUD. It is a ‘T’ shaped device that is placed in the uterus and has a high percentage of effectiveness.

However, there are still many doubts about the effects of the IUD on the body, especially when it comes to menstruation. How long does menstruation last with the IUD in place depending on the type? How can the intrauterine device affect your menstruation? We solve all your questions.

IUD Types

As we said, the IUD is a method of contraception that has gained popularity in recent years. But there are still people who continue to be reluctant because, when placing it, the body needs to adapt to it. In addition, at first it can cause symptoms that involve certain discomfort such as bleeding or colic. However, in the long run many users end up preferring it for its convenience and low cost.

There are many different types or brands of IUDs, but all of them can be classified into two large blocks:

  1. Copper: does not contain hormones and can last for 12 years.
  2. Hormone-releasing or Mirena IUDs contain progestin, a hormone very similar to progesterone that the body produces naturally. It can last between 3 and 7 years.

Can the IUD affect the period?

  • As we have just told you, there are different types of IUDs. For this reason, a frequent question that women often ask is whether, once the intrauterine device is placed inside us, it can cause disorders in our period or in the menstrual cycle.
  • The first thing we must take into account when answering this question is that -as in many other cases- it usually depends on each woman and the type of device she wears. The truth is that the first months after placing it, there may be changes in this aspect. It is possible that the menstruation changes and varies in intensity or duration, or even that it does not come down.
  • It is usually a normal effect, but it is important that this process is closely followed by a specialist. Tell the doctor each of the changes you observe, keeping in mind that it is a foreign object that your body needs to adapt to.
  • The first few months after getting an intrauterine device are a time of change and adaptation. In addition to the symptoms that you may experience and that the doctor will tell you about (pricks, pain, or bleeding), you should avoid sexual intercourse, immersion baths, and the use of tampons for the first few days after insertion, and you should take seriously the dates of the insertions. reviews with the doctor. Remember that the objective is to do a good follow-up and check that everything is going correctly.

The duration of the period with the IUD 

Taking into account all the previous changes, the question that usually assails women is how long it is normal for the period to last with the IUD in place. And, indeed, everything will depend on the type of device chosen:

Copper IUD

If the chosen device is made of copper, the changes that it usually produces in the rule is that it is more abundant. This will happen, especially, during the first six months after you put in the copper IUD. In addition, it can last a few days longer than normal, and even in some cases up to a week.

Mirena IUD 

With the hormone-releasing IUD, by having hormones, you may experience major changes in your body. In these cases, the rules are usually abundant and can also last more days than normal. But, as time goes by, the period will decrease in intensity (from the third to the sixth month after insertion) until reaching very little bleeding in a few months, or disappearing after a year.

In general, hormonal devices tend to affect menstrual bleeding much more. This occurs because the release of hormones affects the growth of the endometrium and, in this way, the amount of bleeding is less.

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