How is the first rule or menstruation

The arrival of our first menstruation is quite a difficult and crucial moment in our lives. The normal thing is that it comes to you for the first time between the ages of 10 and 16. This will depend on the maturity of the girl’s genital system, genetic factors and body weight. Girls who are thinner usually take a little longer to lose. The most important thing is to take it as something natural, that sooner or later was going to happen and not treat it as a taboo subject.

How is the first rule or menstruation

  • It is called menorquia and it usually happens between the ages of 10 and 16, it also depends a lot on the diet and physical exercise that the little girl does, in addition to what is indicated in the previous paragraph. If she comes to her earlier than normal, that is, at eight years old, she will take it with shame and she will not dare to talk about it, because psychologically she is not yet ready for it. However, if she is delayed beyond the age of 16, she will take her first menstruation as something positive and a relief, so she will be the same as the rest of her friends.
  • It is a very important moment for women, since it marks the beginning of a new stage, the beginning of their reproductive life. And this stage brings with it many physical, psychological and hormonal changes. After the arrival of the first menstruation, they will notice that their body is changing and that they are more emotionally mature, on many occasions they will not understand why this happens to them.
  • Fathers and mothers have to be in charge of explaining everything to their daughters, it is a subject that must be dealt with naturally. They must prepare them before they are caught by surprise and scared. From our first rule, muscle pain or pain under the belly will increase and we must know how to remedy it, with meditation, alternative therapies or pain tablets. Parents should know how to explain what to do when it hurts. Another big question for first-timers is what to wear, a pad or tampons? You have to explain the advantages of each one and how to put them in, since tampons are not easy at all.
  • Above all, it is a subject that must be dealt with naturally, it is the evolution of women and it is something that tomorrow will allow us to be mothers, something that is wonderful.

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