How do I know when my period will come?

Menstruation, on many occasions, conditions every woman to carry out some plans or others. Whether it’s for comfort with yourself, tiredness or because you don’t feel the same desire, plans end up being disrupted many times. For this reason, it is important to know what day our period will come, in order to control when our menstruation will take place. If the cycle is regular, it is normal for it to occur every 28 days, but there are many women who have irregular menstrual periods, so it is interesting to know what are the most common symptoms that occur when the day approaches.

When is my period due this month?

  • It is a very common question among women. Knowing when the days of menstruation will be being something basic and necessary. Knowing it is necessary for many topics, since it also provides you with more information, such as knowing when your fertile days are and when you are in full ovulation. The most advisable thing is that you get used to writing down your menstruation days on a calendar, both the start and end days, in this way you will see if your cycle is normal, if it lasts more or less and be able to consult your doctor having tests dated.
  • The common thing is that it comes to you between 28 and 32 days and that its duration is 3 or 7 days. If you find any anomaly in these data that is repeated constantly, you should see your doctor and tell him what is happening. Since it can be just a hormonal change or it can lead to something more complicated. If we write it down we can be sure about it, and now there are even mobile applications that allow you to mark the start and end and tell you when your next period will be. This is much more comfortable than carrying a calendar and having to write it down there. We no longer have any excuse for not keeping track of our own cycle.
  • Even so, there are months in which we are more clueless and we completely forget to write it down, for this reason it is important to know how we can know when the date is approaching. About a week before our period starts we will start to be more irritated and have a very low level of patience. This is one of the first indications that the start of the menstrual cycle is approaching. A second very common symptom is vulnerability, that is, we are much more sensitive to everything. The most irrelevant issues in life make us tender and any excuse is a good one to cry.
  • As the day’s progress and are closer to the day itself, our breasts and ovaries will begin to ache. This does not happen every month, there are women who do not even notice these pains, but there are many who do, and this becomes a primary indicator. Another key factor is the tiredness we feel on the days we call premenstruation. During the previous days we tend to be a little more tired than normal and this is explained by the change in estrogen and progesterone levels.

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