Five ways to know that your period is going to come early

The women’s menstrual cycle sometimes comes early and we do not know the causes of this change and why it occurs. Next we give you five ways that you have to know for when the rule comes before you. Surely now those doubts will be cleared and you will take it more into account.

Why is the rule brought forward?

  1. The stress. Leading a busy life can negatively affect your life, but also the regularity of your period. This generates a feeling of anxiety and causes an imbalance in hormones due to the tension that accumulates in the body. For this reason, it is important to know how to control this type of situation, for example with relaxing physical exercises (yoga or meditation).
  2. Hormonal imbalances. They are the most common when the rule is advanced. Why it happens? It is clear, due to an alteration in the levels of the hormones that control the ovaries and uterus. Hence, an irregularity in menstruation occurs and appears earlier than expected.
  3. Strict diets or too much physical exercise. The body undergoes sudden changes, especially when it comes to weight. All this causes the organism to destabilize and advance, and even delay the period.
  4. Reproductive system disorders. One such disorder is endometriosis. The ovum implants outside the uterine tissue, creates severe pain and also causes menstruation to come earlier.
  5. Contraceptive methods or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The morning after pill usually makes the rule earlier. For its part, STDs, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia, is another because that happens.

Do not forget, or have pudas, to perform gynecological check-ups, protect yourself when having sexual relations, do not overdo physical exercise and diets. In short, lead a life in harmony and as balanced as possible.

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