Fertile days according to the type of vaginal discharge

To know our intimacy well, it is necessary to know what types of vaginal discharge exist, so that there is no doubt about what happens inside our vagina. Observing how our body behaves at each moment of our menstrual cycle can help us understand what is happening inside us. Have you noticed that your cervical fluid changes throughout the month? This is because it is prepared in case you want to get pregnant. These are the fertile days taking into account the vaginal discharge. 

Types of flow and fertility

What is cervical discharge?

First of all, you have to take into account what cervical mucus is. It is a substance that is found inside the vagina as a plug to prevent different infections. Throughout your cycle it changes its density and thickness to favor that, if necessary, a spermatozoon could reach the egg to fertilize it. Therefore, if we observe its characteristics we can know at what point in the cycle we are, which includes discovering when our fertile days are.

These are the different possibilities of cervical flow. To appreciate your cervical discharge, you can carefully insert your fingers into the vagina and feel the density of your fluids.

Cervical mucus with an ‘ egg white ‘ appearance

The days that the discharge presents this aspect are the most propitious to try to conceive. Thanks to its texture and consistency, spermatozoa can easily swim through the cervix of the uterus itself, reaching the fallopian tubes, where a spermatozoon will try to fertilize the egg. It is, therefore, the fertile days.

We can stretch this type of flow between the fingers 2.5 to 5 centimeters without it breaking.

Watery cervical discharge

It is more liquid than the previous one, sometimes even being confused with a small loss of urine. Although the sperm also move easily, it is not as fertile as the first, the second being ‘better’ to get pregnant.

It is not possible to hold it between your fingers as it drips.

Thick, creamy cervical discharge or

Sperm find it impossible to swim through it. Its texture makes it difficult for them to move, preventing them from advancing, therefore, it corresponds to the days when you are less fertile.

Its color is usually white or yellow and we could compare it with a cream.

Sticky vaginal discharge

This type of discharge makes it completely impossible for sperm to move, it is practically impossible to get pregnant when you have this sticky discharge.

Its texture is completely thick and lumpy.

If you want to get pregnant and you can’t, it will be useful for you to see a professional who can advise you on your particular case.

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