False myths and legends about menstruation: bathing with your period is bad

For many centuries it has been believed that women should not bathe on the days they had their menstruation. It was even thought that women who did so could fall ill. But today it has already been shown that this is a false myth that was created in the past and that greatly harms the health of women. Well these days’ hygiene is the most important thing. Intimate hygiene is always relevant and necessary, but on menstrual days it is much more so.

Hygiene during menstruation is paramount

  • We must be very careful with the false myths and legends that are formed around topics as delicate as menstruation, as they can play against our health. Menstruation has deep-rooted myths in society, which we believe for sure, such as that it is not good to play sports while we are these days, which is totally false. One of the false myths that has lasted the longest, even over time, is that women cannot bathe while on their period. Beyond everything that can be affirmed, the woman has to take care of her intimate hygiene more than at any other time during the days of the period.
  • Another area to which this question belongs could be the concept of bathing in the pool or on the beach in summer, for example. Exactly the same thing happens, it is not bad for a woman’s health to bathe. The only thing to keep in mind in these cases is that you will have to use tampons. For many women, they may be more uncomfortable than pads, but they are much more hygienic, since they prevent the bad smell that occurs when the menstrual fluid breaks down and comes into contact with the air. They have many more advantages, if we wear it well we don’t even have to find out that we are wearing it and also they do not cause skin irritation, since they do not rub against anything.
  • In this way, we must be aware that water and menstruation are not enemies, but quite the opposite, since it is strictly necessary to maintain intimate hygiene during these days. And also, we do not have to cut ourselves when taking a bath in the pool or on the beach, since tampons allow us all these actions with absolute comfort.

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