Don’t let your period bother you Valentine’s Day: forget about your period

February 14 is just around the corner and nothing can spoil this great date. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to spend with your partner without anything getting in the way. But even with all this, if that day we find ourselves in one of the days of the menstrual cycle, we should not worry too much, we cannot let menstruation bother us on this special day.

Enjoy Valentine’s no matter what

  • Periods can often be a nuisance, both when doing sports, sleeping or going to the pool, for example. But it is part of our feminine nature, so it is best that you get used to the idea and do not let any occasion bother you. The most recommended thing these days is to wear dark pants, to avoid all kinds of macho that can make us have a hard time. Hygiene is also very important during menstruation and it is also important that pain does not prevent us from doing the activities we want.
  • In this way, February 14 arrives and already aware that the rule is not going to spoil our day, we must, taking it into account, make the most of a day like this. This way we can plan ourselves so that we do not have to do activities that can make us too tired or that can increase our menstrual pain. Quiet plans such as a weekend in a rural house, romantic dinners and various surprises are ideal for spending a dream day.
  • Taking advantage of this, our partner should pamper us to the maximum and will be lucky that we will be more affectionate than ever, since menstruation alters our levels of progesterone and estrogen and directly affects our state of mind. We must take it as an advantage and not as a disadvantage, so we will enjoy February 14th with our partner to the fullest.

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