Chamomile for menstruation: reduces pain and regulates the rule

Chamomile is a medicinal plant that, in addition to serving very well as a calming agent in digestive problems due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, helps regulate menstruation and reduce pain caused by menstrual or premenstrual symptoms.

Women contain estrogen, female hormones that promote vital processes such as menstruation, and chamomile helps in this process due to its estrogenic action.

home remedies for menstruation

  • When our menstrual cycle is irregular, we can use this home remedy because the heat it produces has a vasodilator and calming effect that makes our menstruation go down sooner.
  • To reduce premenstrual symptoms, it is advisable to start taking the chamomile infusion from day 17 of the menstrual cycle. In supermarkets we can find different brands of chamomile but the most recommended is Matricaria chamomilla.
  • The way of preparation is to heat a cup of water for two minutes and then let the infusion stand for approximately ten minutes. It is recommended that it always be taken after meals.

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