Causes of nausea in menstruation

There are many women who suffer from nausea when they have their period and even days before it goes down. This happens because of the hormonal changes in the female body so that the period can take place, and the detachment of the unfertilized egg requires quite a few resources. Although there are women to whom it never happens, there are others to whom feeling nauseated becomes totally normal. Dysmenorrhea is common in many women and is often accompanied by not only nausea, but also other discomforts such as pain and mood swings.

Nausea and vomiting in the period

  • There are even women who not only feel nauseated, but even vomit because of this discomfort. If this happens to you continuously, a good idea is to see your GP or gynecologist to explain what exactly is happening to you. If it is something that happens to you very frequently, that is to say, that it has been a habitual part of your period forever, the safest thing is that he will send you the contraceptive pills to prevent you from feeling so much discomfort.
  • But when is it not normal? If you are not only nauseated, but vomiting is frequent and quite explosive, you may need to see your doctor to see if you need any further treatment.
  • To prevent nausea, it is a good idea to drink ginger root tea several times a day. You can also find ginger root in tablet form in herbalists and it is a natural remedy for nausea. Changes to your diet may also be a good idea, such as cutting out caffeine and junk food. Leave tobacco and alcohol aside because they could make the situation worse. Drinking a glass of cold milk can also help nausea go away. But if with all this you continue to suffer from nausea, see your doctor for other options.

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