Benefits of heat to relieve menstrual pain and ways to apply it

Premenstrual Syndrome produces clear symptoms in women from the week before the arrival of the period. Some of those symptoms are abdominal pain, bloating, and cramps among others.

To remedy and calm menstrual pain we can use heat, it will help us relax the muscles of the uterus, thus relieving part of the discomfort.

Benefits of heat for menstrual pain

  • Acts on the nervous system by increasing the pain threshold, so the sensation of suffering pain is less.
  • Relaxes the muscles.
  • It fulfills an analgesic and anti-inflammatory function.
  • Increases the elasticity of the muscles.

Ways to apply heat against menstrual pain

  • Put an electric blanket or hot water bottle on the belly and, in the event that the pain also affects our back, put these elements on that area in the same way.
  • Taking a hot water bath, in addition to reducing pain, will help us relax in every way.
  • We can put newspaper between the belly and our clothes, this practice will generate heat on the body.
  • DIY: We take a cotton sock that we no longer use and fill it with rice. We close it with a knot or by sewing it and whenever we feel discomfort, we hear it for a minute in the microwave and then we place it on the belly area.

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