Advantages and disadvantages of using tampons during menstruation

Tampons are cylinders that are inserted into the body and that is where they absorb menstruation. It all depends on the woman, but there are those who consider them more hygienic since they are not in continuous contact with the outside of the vagina, which could cause irritation and a bad smell.

It is not convenient to have tampons in place for more than 8 hours, you have to change them about 3 times a day to avoid possible problems.

There are different types to use depending on the moment of the menstrual phase in which we find ourselves, our amount of flow is not the same at the beginning as it is in the middle of our period.

Tampon Advantages

  • If we change them regularly, there is no risk of staining clothes.
  • We can use them when practicing sports, going to the beach or the pool during the period comfortably.
  • They prevent the bad smell that occurs when the menstrual fluid breaks down and comes into contact with the air.
  • They do not irritate the outer skin of the vagina as they do not rub.
  • If we have it well placed, we do not know that we have it on.

Disadvantages of tampons

  • If we are prone to urinary infections, it is better to do without them.
  • They can be uncomfortable in the case of having to apply a topical treatment in that area.
  • We can forget that we are wearing it.
  • This forgetfulness can give rise to the Toxic Shock Syndrome, produced by the Staphylococcus Aureus bacterium. The symptoms that accompany this syndrome are high fever, dizziness, red spots on the skin, muscle pain, and confusion. If we notice any of them, we should see our doctor.

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