5 tricks to avoid menstrual pain

Menstrual pain is known as dysmenorrhea and it is one of the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome. Among the most common symptoms is also tiredness or fatigue, mood changes and greater susceptibility to everyday issues. But without hesitation the most annoying is the pain. In general, it usually appears in the middle of the cycle, at ovulation, and a few days before menstruation. This is located in the part of the ovaries, in the lower abdominal area, and in the kidneys. There are many ways to avoid this pain, including: alternative therapies such as yoga or Pilates, acupuncture, heat, sex, and natural herbs.

How to avoid menstrual pain

  1. First of all, there are well-known therapies in society such as yoga or Pilates that can help a lot to calm pain. We always have to have a support that separates us from the ground, to avoid back pain and that the cold reaches our body, which is quite bad. In this way, we will place another support, made with towels or a double mat, under the back from the height of the kidneys to our head. We will also place two more supports under our thighs, so that our pelvis is elevated. We leave our hands placed on our ovaries, passing heat and we breathe. We can maintain this posture for ten minutes.
  2. Acupuncture is another of the techniques that can most relieve the pain caused by menstruation. The pain occurs. on many occasions, due to cooling in the lower part of the belly and in the kidneys. Thus, acupuncturists affirm that it is good to heat that area with the help of moxa on top of the needles. Moxa is a therapy that includes the artemisia plant in practice, it is shaped into a cigar and lit to combust and get heat.
  3. As we have observed in the previous remedies, heat is essential. It will be enough to place a cushion or a blanket on our ovaries to keep warm and eliminate the cooling produced.
  4. Sex and menstruation are not mutually exclusive, although the contrary is often thought. This is a perfect solution, since it is proven that the contractions produced by the orgasm together with the subsequent relaxation decrease the intensity of the cramps that create menstrual pain.
  5. The fifth trick is natural herbs. There is one in particular that is ideal for this. In the market it is known as Salvia, there are different brands and it does not have a very high price. It should be taken three days before the start of menstruation and continue taking it for five more days, that is, a total of 8 or 10 days, for it to take effect and the pain to disappear completely.

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