5 advantages of having your period: face your period with optimism

The menstrual cycle is usually a problem for women due to the disorders and pain that they suffer during these days.

But whoever is not consoled is because they do not want to, there are also advantages to giving an optimistic version when you are on your period.

Take advantage of menstruation

One of the biggest advantages that exist are the excuses that we usually use during the days that the period lasts and the permissiveness that they give us for being on the rule.

  1. Work is one of them, since menstruation causes some pain or other, we can rely on it and, with luck or with pain, leave before the established working hours.
  2. The character also varies during the days of menstruation, excusing a bad day to the hormones that are more revolutionized than usual.
  3. Another pretext is the kitchen theme. It is ‘vox populi’ that the mayonnaise is cut if you are menstruating. There is no better way to be the queen of the house during these days.
  4. Regarding sex, the answer is clear. If you don’t feel like having sex with your partner, you can always justify it by saying that your period has dropped.

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