Suspected mad cow disease in japan, 20 month old holstein

Suspected mad cow disease in japan, 20 month old holstein

Japanese authorities say they have found a suspected case of Mad Cow Disease (BSE) in Fukushima Prefecture, north-east Japan. The animal was a 20-months-old Holstein. If confirmed, it will be the youngest head of cattle to test positive in Japan.

(BSE = Spongiform Encephalopathy = Mad Cow Disease)

This new development could have an effect on beef imports from North America. At the end of last year Japan started importing beef from the USA as long as the animal was no older than 20 months. Following a shipment of US veal containing body parts that might carry BSE, an import ban was imposed again.

There have been three confirmed cases of BSE in Japan this year.

What is BSE?

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is a disease that affects adult cattle (it is unusual for a 20-month-old to show symptoms). It attacks the nervous system of the animal (including brain) and eventually kills it.

BSE has a long incubation period. An infected animal may not show BSE type symptoms for 4 to 6 years.

Symptoms include (for the animal):

-- Disorientation

-- Clumsiness

-- Aggressive behaviour towards other animals and humans (sometimes)

BSE is a type of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathie (TSEs), or Prion Disease. An abnormal amount of Prion Proteins build up in the brain and nervous system. The name TSE is such because of the spongy appearance of the infected brain.

Scrapie, a disease that affects sheep and goats, is another Prion Disease. Scrapie is common in many parts of the world. No link has been found between scrapie and human illness.

How easily BSE infected animals can make humans ill is really unknown. Many experts argue there is no (or virtually no) risk, while others say it is too early to tell, as we do not know what the incubation period for CJD is (the human version of BSE).


Japanese cattle raised in the US for their prized steaks (Video Medical And Professional 2018).

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