15,000 people with medical problems from 9/11 fall out

15,000 people with medical problems from 9/11 fall out

According to information gathered for the BBC, 15,000 people have suffered medical conditions as a result of breathing the dust from the collapse of the WTC Twin Towers during 9/11.

Several people who have had to receive medical treatment are suing after authorities assured the public that the air was safe. An autopsy of James Zadroga, a policeman who had been working at Ground Zero, concluded that his death was 'directly linked' to breathing the air following the collapse of the two buildings.

According to the BBC, many have developed a 'WTC Cough'. A cough developed by people working at and near ground zero. They thought the cough would eventually go away - unfortunately, they have intensified and the number of victims is growing.

It seems the cause of these respiratory conditions is simply being in or near the area where the buildings collapsed.

According to the Mount Sinai Medical Center, there are 8,000 people on its books who require treatment. Add to that 7,000 firefighters with various respiratory complaints.

30,000 to 50,000 people were at or near ground zero following the disaster. The scale of the consequence of breathing in the asbestos-laden dust is still unclear. Not only was there asbestos in the air. There was lead from smashed computers as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had monitored the air following the disaster and said the air was safe to breathe. Had it declared the area as unsafe for human health, perhaps the number of people suffering today would not be so high as they would have stayed out of the area until it really was safe.

A class-action suit is being prepared.

Look out for a BBC WORLD Special Report which starts on May 3 (also on BBC News 24).

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